Eille Norwood

Eille Norwood

  • Full name: Eille Norwood
  • Born: 11 October 1861
  • in York (Map)
  • Active: 1921 to 1923
  • Died: 24 December 1948 (aged 87)
  • IMDb: Eille Norwood
  • Wikipedia: Eille Norwood
  • Played Holmes to Willis's Watson
  • Played Holmes to Cullin's Watson
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Dying Detective'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Adventure of the Devil's Foot'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'A Case of Identity'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Yellow Face'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Red-Headed League'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Resident Patient'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'A Scandal in Bohemia'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Man with the Twisted Lip'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Beryl Coronet'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Noble Bachelor'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Copper Beeches'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Empty House'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Tiger of San Pedro'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Priory School'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Solitary Cyclist'
1921:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Hound of the Baskervilles'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'Charles Augustus Milverton'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Abbey Grange'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Norwood Builder'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Reigate Squires'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Naval Treaty'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Second Stain'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Red Circle'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Six Napoleons'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'Black Peter'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Bruce-Partington Plans'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Stock-broker's Clerk'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Boscombe Valley Mystery'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Musgrave Ritual'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Golden Pince-Nez'
1922:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Greek Interpreter'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'Silver Blaze'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Speckled Band'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The "Gloria Scott"'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Blue Carbuncle'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Engineer's Thumb'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'His Last Bow'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Cardboard Box'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Three Students'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Missing Three-Quarter'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Mystery of Thor Bridge'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Mazarin Stone'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Mystery of the Dancing Men'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Crooked Man'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Final Problem'
1923:Sherlock Holmesin 'The Sign of Four'