The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation as We Know It

This TV Film was aired on 18 September 1977, by London Weekend Television.
IMDb: The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation as We Know It (link not verified)

Sherlock Holmes played by: John Cleese
Dr. Watson played by: Arthur Lowe

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John Cleese as Arthur Sherlock Holmes
Arthur Lowe as Dr. William Watson
Connie Booth as Mrs. Hudson
Connie Booth as Francine Moriarty
Arthur Lowe as Francine Moriarty
Gyearbuor Asante as African Delegate
Holly Palance as Air Hostess
Nick Tate as Australian
Edmund Pegge as Australian
Stratford Johns as Chief Commissioner Blocker
Derek Griffiths as Bus Conductor
Val Pringle as Black CIA Man
Christopher Malcolm as The Other CIA Man
Luie Caballero as Lt. Columbo
Billy Hamon as Constable at Scotland Yard
Denholm Elliott as English Delegate
Ron Moody as Dr. Gropinger
Josephine Tewson as Miss Hoskins
Delaney O'Connor as Hotel Commissionaire
Robert Kingdom as Intercom Man
Bill Mitchell as Klein of the CIA
Kenneth Benda as M
Paul Chapman as McCloud
Maurice Kaufmann as Steve McGarrett
Charlotte Alexandra as Miss Moneypacket
Dudley Jones as Hercule Poirot
Joss Ackland as President of the USA
Moira Foot as Receptionist
Mike O'Malley as Sam Spade
Maria Charles as Tea Lady