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The Hound of London

This TV Film was aired on 01 August 1993, by Intrepid Productions.
IMDb: The Hound of London (link not verified)

Canon basis: The Hound of the Baskervilles

Sherlock Holmes played by: Patrick Macnee
Dr. Watson played by: John Scott-Paget

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Patrick Macnee as Sherlock Holmes
John Scott-Paget as Dr. John Watson
Sophia Thornley as Mrs. Hudson
Colin Skinner as Insp. G. Lestrade
Jack Macreath as Prof. James Moriarty
Carolyn Wilkinson as Irene Norton
Rob Vanderbrink as King Wilhelm von Ormstein
David Wood as The Body
Drew Kemp as Campbell
Kelly Dale as Gadsby
Colleen Bignell as Queen von Ormstein
Craig Bowlsby as Lance Sterling
Ned Lemley as Stonegrimble
Ed Belange as Striker